Thursday, August 17th, 2017

6:30pm to 11pm


$10 Entry for members

$8 + Day Pass for non-members ($30 w/tax)

If possible, please bring cash.

All entry fees and proceeds go towards Team Grip Aspire World's Fund. Read further for more details.

What is Beach Boulder Bingo?

Nope, it's not bingo night at the gym. It's a new bouldering competition with a beach wear theme to celebrate summer vibes. What's unique is our fresh bingo scoring system that allows anyone to win!

Beachwear is the New Black

Don't be left out. Come dressed in beach threads and embrace the summer with us. Our regular shirt policy will not be enforced but note this event is open for all ages so use your discretion. 


Our New Bouldering Wall

If you're not following @AspireClimbing on Facebook or Instagram, you may have missed our bouldering wall expansion updates. Well, we now have more bouldering and we want to see you enjoy it! 

40 Fresh Problems

Featuring some of the most exciting climbing holds and volumes available from Rockwerx Canada, 360 Holds, Element Climbing, Thrive Climbing, Kingdom Climbing and so much more!

Bingo Scoring

This isn't your traditional bouldering comp. Boulder Bingo uses bingo score cards to keep track of your completed climbs (or tops). Each boulder problem is assigned a value that corresponds to numbers on the bingo scorecard. Lower value for easier climbs, higher value for more difficult ones. Complete a bingo line to score BINGO!

Peer Judging

This is a friendly format competition with peer judging for fair play. This means, your scorecard must be validated by 2 other competitors that witnessed your send.


Prizing is made simple so everyone can win. 5 different tables will offer prizes from our generous sponsors. Prizes are available for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 BINGO scores.

Claiming your Prize(s)

Claim your prize for earning BINGO at anytime by yelling "BINGO". A judge will validate your card and you can claim your prize. Use your strategy to decide if you claim a single BINGO for the small prizes, or save them to claim a larger prize. Once you claim your BINGO prizes, those lines are crossed out by our judges and you must work to complete the remaining lines. 

The Cause

Team Grip Aspire is our local competitive climbing team. In our first year of this newly formed team, we've been extremely successful with an incredible showing at this year's Canadian National Championships:

Dana Monteith 2nd (Youth A)

Riley Galloway 2nd (Youth B)

Grace Weininger 12th (Youth B)

Mateja Vukojevic 6th (Youth C)

Owen Clouston 9th (Youth C)

With these results, Dana and Riley have qualified to compete with Team Canada at the Climbing World Championships in Innsbruck, Austria at the end of this summer. To help these amazing athletes compete at the world's stage, all proceeds from this event go towards Team Grip Aspire's World Fund to help these kids get there.

Experience More

In addition to having super fun times with all of your climbing friends, we have more in store for participants and visitors...

  • Silent Auction to go towards amazing prize packages from our generous sponsors!

  • Bake sale with delicious treats from our athletes to give you the sending energy you need...Yummm!

  • Climbing Shoe Demo from

    • Madrock

    • Boreal

    • Cypher

  • And so much more!

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Industry Sponsors

We are thrilled about the industry and community sponsors that are contributing to this event through silent auction donations, prizing and giveaways.


Please support these brands and products. Without their support, we would not be able to host amazing events like this.

Community Sponsors

Thank you to these local businesses for donating products and services for this event! We sincerely appreciate your support! Please support these small businesses like us to grow our local economy.

And many more being added each day...
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