Begin your journey in climbing and ninja with us.

We make learning fun. Using the highest standards in safety, risk and injury prevention, we educate our customers to use our facility with independence and confidence.

Our climbing Instructors are trained by C.W.A (Climbing Wall Association) accredited instructors to provide the most thorough lessons. Ninja coaches are lead by our ninja specialists with I.S.S.A (International Sports Sciences Association) accreditation for personal fitness. 


Auto-Belay, Bouldering & Ninja Orientations

First-time visitors are required to participate in orientations for proper instruction on usage, safety, risk and injury prevention. This is a one-time fee and not required for future visits unless the last visit exceeds 12 months. 

Belay Test

If you have previous belaying skills, you will need to take a test to access top rope climbing. You must demonstrate putting on a harness, tying in properly and belaying with a Petzl Gri-Gri off your harness. This is not a refresher. If you do not feel confident without a refresher, a lesson may be required. Belay tests are offered on a walk-in basis and may take up to 15mins. 

Lead Test

If you have previous lead climbing skills, you will need to take a test to access our lead walls. You must demonstrate climbing and belaying skills including; harnessing, tying in, spotting, clipping, un-clipping, falling, catching a fall dynamically and all the rope and gear management for safety on lead. This is not a refresher. Be sure to have skills required with modern safety standards. Test may take up to 30mins. Booking ahead is required.


Belay Lesson

for Members

for Guests


for First-Time Members

Add a belay lesson to any day pass to learn the ropes to climb our 30ft climbing walls. Learn to put on a harness, tie-in securely and belay using a Petzl Gri-Gri. Must be 13 years or older. Includes harness rental and climbing shoes. Belay test is required for the next visit to ensure proper skills are maintained. 


Monday to Friday

10am, 12:30pm, 3pm, 5:30pm and 8pm

Saturday and Sunday

9am, 11:30am, 2pm, 4:30pm and 7pm

Custom times are based on the availability of an instructor. Advanced booking is recommended. 

Lead Lesson

​Lead climbing is the natural progression from top rope climbing and a necessary skill to transition to climbing outdoors on real rock. There’s a lot of information to cover and a lot of time needed to practice the skills taught by our certified lead instructors. This 7hr course is split into 2 sessions. During the first 3hr session, you’ll learn to lead climb: how to clip and un-clip the rope from quickdraws, rope handling skills and how to fall confidently, avoiding and minimizing risk. The second session is longer with 4hrs to allow for more supervised climbing time. You’ll learn how to lead belay using a Petzl GriGri to take and give slack when your climber needs. You will also learn rope management and how to catch falls to minimize risk for your climber and yourself. We recommend that you’re comfortable climbing 5.10 to complete the course. Must have your own dynamic climbing rope, GriGri and locking carabiner. Lessons must be booked in advance.

Private Coaching

1.5hr Initial Assessment

1hr Sessions

Unlock your climbing potential with a private assessment with one of our climbing coaches. Maybe you want to develop your weaknesses and make them your strengths, perhaps you need help to break through a barrier or get over a plateau; a customized coaching session will address your specific needs. First, you will do a climbing consultation and assessment with a coach. This is your opportunity to explain your challenge and express your goals. Your coach will observe your climbing to understand your movement and get a baseline of what needs to be developed. Next, they will provide tips, pointers and techniques to get you through your challenge. Climbing is learned kinesthetically through the muscle memory of repeated movement. Your coach will help you feel the movements so it becomes what you know intuitively. Sometimes it just takes a nudge in the right direction or a little nugget of knowledge, let our coaches help you along your climbing journey. 

HST not included in prices. All prices are subject to change without notice.

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