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A mask must be worn at all times. Online bookings are back for evenings and weekends. Keep our community safe.


Indoor Rock Climbing, Ninja Warrior and More.

Our modern, clean facility features over 11,000sq/ft of climbing walls. We offer 30ft tall top-rope and lead routes, 16ft bouldering walls 24ft auto-belays walls. Regularly maintained with new climbs each and every week. 

Beyond the awesome climbing, we are the first climbing gym in Canada to feature a ninja warrior course. We offer an exciting variety of hanging and ground-based obstacles to challenge all levels of athletes and aspiring young ninjas. 

We're a place where first time experiences happen alongside competitive training. 


A sport like no other

When we designed our facility, we set out to make climbing accessible to the masses. Climbing is an excellent way to be physically active, without feeling like you’re working out. It combines athleticism with problem solving skills to navigate your way to the top. Climber’s naturally build lean-long muscles, improved core strength and flexibility. But bottom line it’s a lot of fun! There’s no “body type” for climbing. Anyone can do it and will enjoy the challenge.


Did you know Rock Climbing will make it's Olympic deput in in the 2020 games?


Fall Registration is Open

Progression, Always.

We are focused on development. In our customers, and in our team. Progression is at the heart of why we do this. If it’s your first time climbing or if you’re a seasoned veteran, we offer something for everyone.

CRAVE - Adult Climbing Program

TEAM ASPIRE - Youth Competitive Climbing Team

VANGUARDS ELITE - Competitor Development Team

VANGUARDS - Advanced Youth Climbing Program - Begins September 14th

SCHOOL OF HARD ROCK - Youth Climbing Programs - Begins September 21st


LEAGUE OF NINJAS - Ninja Training Programs - Begins September 21st

LEAGUE OF NINJAS EVO - Advanced Ninja Training Program - Try-Outs September 10th


Business hours

We are OPEN! Booking is required. Masks are mandatory at all times. Added health and safety protocols are in place to keep our community safe.

  • increased cleaning/sanitizing

  • physical distancing

  • mandatory masks

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Weekdays - 10am to 11pm

Weekends - 9am - 9pm

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