Dear Aspire Community,


After careful consideration of all the latest information, variables and risks surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have decided that Aspire will be closed until further notice. We recognize these are difficult times for everyone, with no one being immune to the challenges. At Aspire we strive to put the people first. We have spent countless hours in discussion attempting to come to the most socially responsible decision; it’s very easy to talk in circles and never come up with a solution you ultimately feel comfortable with. We have agonized over what a closure like this means for our staff and the families that are counting on us. We certainly did not come to this decision lightly. Despite our appearance, we are a small, local business and the added pressure of sustainability weighs on our minds. Like all of you, we are left with uncertainty moving forward and we do not have all of the answers. Even though our “want” is to remain open, we have always strived to provide a safe and healthy space for our community, which has ultimately led to this decision.


This closure will take effect on Sunday, March 15th. We are aligning our closure with the closure schedule of publicly funded schools in Ontario, but we will be monitoring the situation as it continues to evolve.


The planned date for reopening is Monday, April 6th; however, this may change as the situation continues to evolve. When reopening occurs, the total number of weeks missed will be added to the end date of active memberships. 


All parties and lessons booked within this closure timeframe will be contacted to make alternate arrangements. Bookings for future dates are still available when we reopen. To book a party or program registration, click here.



With this closure, March Break Camp has been cancelled. All families are being contacted with an option of credit with a discounted registration for summer camp or a refund. League of Ninjas, School of Hard Rock start dates will be pushed back and families will be contacted with the new schedule.


Practices are being rescheduled for when business resumes. Athletes and parents will be contacted with the revised schedule.

We realize the impact this closure has on our community when so many rely on our services. Ultimately our discussions have led us to the same question: How can we best be part of the solution and help maintain the health of our community? We can contribute by minimizing the spread of the coronavirus and participate in social distancing.

During this time frame, our facility will undergo even higher levels of thorough cleaning and disinfection to ensure a healthy space for all when business resumes.

We truly appreciate your support and understanding. We can’t wait to see everyone back soon!




Kyle & Erin Wilson & Joë Layno



Aspire Climbing & Fitness Inc.