Dear Aspire Community,

We're excited to announce that on Tuesday, September 8th, we will be lifting our reservation system and welcome walk-in members and guests! It's been two months since we reopened with an online booking system and additional health and safety measures to protect our community. We feel confident that our booking system is no longer required, however all additional safety measures will remain in place. 

  • Masks are mandatory for all guests

  • Participants may remove masks during physical activities if preferred

  • All guests must sanitize hands upon entry and throughout their visit with sanitizer provided throughout the facility

  • Zones will be managed for capacity

  • All guests must check-in and check-out to manage capacity levels and contact tracing records

  • If you're feeling sick, exhibiting any signs of COVID19 symptoms, or been in contact with anyone infected with COVID19, we ask that you get tested and/or stay and home and quarantine for the recommended time frame


Day Passes and regular rates are now available without time limits to your visit. Please review our FAQ section to answer any questions you may have. We will use the next several weeks to assess this change. If we determine that our booking system will be necessary during peak hours, we may reinstate these times to help manage capacity levels. 


We feel that our staff and our community continue to play a responsible role in the mitigation of COVID19. We ask that everyone continues to participate in our safety measures so we can all enjoy a healthy return to climbing and ninja.

See you soon!

Joë Layno, Kyle & Erin Wilson




To help manage our capacity, our facility is split into 3 zones:


This area includes our popular ninja course and auto-belay climbs for beginners. Great for first-time visitors to get the complete Aspire experience. Best suited for smaller children. 

The Ninja Course includes modular hanging and ground-based obstacles for all ages. Plus our challenging 10ft, 13ft & 16ft warped walls for all ability levels.

The auto-belays do not require a partner. We provide supervising adults and responsible children with orientations to put on a harness and connect the auto-belays. 

Day Pass rates apply. First -time visitors add $5 for orientations for ninja and auto-belay to use this space independently without staff supervision. 


This area includes our 30ft climbing walls which are top-rope and lead climbing accessible. There are also a few auto-belay climbs and a smaller bouldering area in this space for warm-up and training. 

To access top-rope climbing, visitors must undergo and top-rope lesson to learn the ropes. We recommend pre-booking your lesson to guarantee your spot.

Day Pass rates apply. Add $20 on your day pass for the lesson which includes a harness and climbing shoe rental to enhance your climbing experience.


This is the most challenging area as bouldering does involve more advanced skills due to the overhanging nature of the climbing. Bouldering does not require a harness or ropes. 16ft climbing walls feature padded floors to cushion falls along with proper falling procedures taught through orientations. 

Day Pass rates apply. Add climbing shoe rentals for $6 to enhance your climbing experience. 

We are confident that will be able to manage traffic flow within our space and adjust capacity levels as needed. The number of available spots will be limited at first. Capacity may fluctuate on certain days and will be based on how our space is used during the reopening.


We appreciate everyone’s support, patience and understanding during these transitional times. Most of all we appreciate everyone’s participation in the health and safety measures for COVID19 prevention and the responsibility we all share as a community to each other.


Please read through the information below to understand the new process of booking time slots and what you can expect when you return to Aspire. If you have any questions that are unanswered, please email us for more information. This is a living document that will likely see revisions as we gain more experience in these matters.

What to expect from Aspire’s reopening



Members will have the option to restart their memberships upon their first visit back or opt to pay per session until they are comfortable returning for regular visits. After 30 days of reopening to members, all memberships frozen due to COVID19 closures will be automatically reinstated. If a member chooses to keep their membership on hold, they may contact us with this request.

Day Pass and Punch Card Holders

Guests and first time visitors have the option to purchase a punch card with prepaid visits, or grab a day pass to enjoy your two hour booking which must be booked prior to arrival.


Please Wear a Mask

In light of the lastest Region of Halton By-Law regarding the wearing of masks in public spaces, we are asking all visitors to wear a mask when visiting the gym. This will be in effect as of Saturday, July 18th. Exemptions are as follows:

  • Optional during physical activity (while climbing and ninja'ing)

  • If you have underlying medical conditions that make it difficult to breathe

  • Summer Camp participants

We ask that everyone actively participate by wearing a mask in common areas to keep our community safe and comfortable. Please continue to practice and respect physical distancing regardless of wearing a mask as we all adapt to this new normal. We all share in the responsibility for the health and safety of others. 

COVID19 Prevention
  • If you are feeling sick or exhibiting any symptoms, please stay home and quarantine for 14 days before returning

  • All customers must practice physical distancing allowing a 2m spacing with others

  • Visitors are required to wash or sanitize their hands upon arrival and regularly throughout their session

  • Please arrive changed and ready to climb/ninja, change rooms will be limited to bathroom use for a max of 2 persons at a time

  • The water fountain is not available so please provide your own bottle and fluids or drinks can be purchased

  • Areas will follow strict capacity limits so please follow posted limits

  • Waivers and transactions should be completed online to reduce the person to person contact

  • Supervision for youth will be required but limited to a ratio of 1 parent: 4 children

  • Loose chalk usage is under review. Please use chalk sparingly to avoid moving to a liquid chalk policy during COVID reopening


Your Responsibility to the Community
  • Please stay home if you are feeling sick or have been in contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID19

  • Wear your mask at all times between physical efforts and maintain physical distancing of 2m with other members, guests and staff

  • Wash or sanitize your hands frequently. This will also reduce your need for excessive chalk

  • Respect your reservation time and arrive/depart as scheduled. Others are excited to get their session in, so please make these transitions as smooth as possible

  • Read and understand these guidelines and be an active participant

  • If a guest is not respecting these guidelines, leaving you feeling uncomfortable, please bring it to the attention of our staff to address

  • If you experience symptoms within the 14 days after your visit, please notify us as soon as possible to start the contact tracing process


Day Pass Rates Are Available
  • Enjoy day pass rates to come and go during your visit

  • Please respect capacity levels in each zone 

  • Check with staff before moving into other zones

Your Arrival
  • Please arrive on-time, ready to climb/ninja to maximize your session

  • Upon entering the facility, please sanitize your hands or head straight to the washroom to wash your hands

  • Please arrive changed and ready to go. Changerooms and showers will be limited to bathroom use or hand washing. Max 2 persons at a time

  • Please minimize front desk contact by paying for your visit online, or paying via Interac, Visa or Mastercard tap. Cash payment is not available at this time.

  • Visitors and participants must wear their masks upon arrival and departure. Non-surgical face coverings are fine. Please select something for your desired level of comfort to reduce the spread of airborne droplets

  • Please respect floor and seating markings

  • Please avoid climbing side by side with other climbers. The physical distancing of 2m is required on and off the wall between yourself and others who are not part of your social bubble

  • Avoid handshakes, hugs and fist bumps with other guests and staff. We miss you too but let’s practice pantomiming these actions out of mutual respect


Your Departure
  • Please respect your booking time limit and prepare your departure 10mins before your session end for a smooth transition

  • Keep your facemask on during your departure in case physical distancing cannot be maintained

  • Please inform our staff upon your departure to update our check-in/contact tracing system

  • Everyone MUST exit by the end of your session to allow staff to sanitize areas before the next group arrives


The Facility and Staff

We are committed to providing members and guests with a safe space to return to climbing and ninja. All health and safety measures are based on federal, provincial and municipal guidelines for a safe reopening and COVID19 prevention.

  • Hand sanitizer is made available for regular cleaning of hands

  • Floor markings and designated areas for physical distancing awareness

  • Mandatory masks for staff

  • An increased cleaning schedule allows for disinfecting of shared surfaced between bookings

  • Clear signs to indicate area capacities to assist members, guest and staff with the distribution of traffic

  • Reduced services to limit contact

  • Daily and weekly review to make changes and adjustments as needed


Contact Tracing
  • All visitors are required to check-in upon arrival and check out with staff upon departure to maintain accurate tracing records

  • If a confirmed case is reported by a member, guest or staff, Aspire will work closely with local health authorities to perform the necessary contact tracing protocols

Frequently asked questions

My membership is frozen, what are my options when I return to climb?

All members will be required to book their time-slot online prior to arrival. Payment will not be required online. Upon arrival, you can select the following options;

  1. Reinstate your membership to avoid any fees
  2. Pay for your session if you are unsure and would like to keep your membership on hold

What if I’m a prepaid member but I’m not ready to return right away?

All prepaid memberships that have not been reinstated will automatically be reinstated on Monday, August 3rd. 4½ months will automatically be added to the end date of your membership to account for our temporary closure period and reopening transition.

If you are still uncomfortable about returning, please inform us via phone or email to place your membership on hold until you feel safe to return.

What if I had a complimentary membership included with a program registration?

Complimentary memberships will automatically be reinstated upon your first visit back or automatically on Monday, Aug 3rd. The balance of your membership time included in your program registration will be maintained.

I’m not a member but would like to join so I can start climbing or ninja’ing again. Will you have membership options?

Absolutely! We would love to have you as part of our community. See our membership options here:

Are Punch Card Holders included in your reopening stage for members?

Yes. Punch Card holders are occasional members with prepaid visits. Existing punches can be redeemed for your visit or you can top-up with our COVID 6-Pack for $104 +tax.

Can I use my Members Guest Pass?

At this time, member guest passes are not available. During our reopening stages, space is at a premium and reserved for paying or prepaid customers.

Can I book my social bubble to visit at the same time?

To start, we need to assess how the space will be used by members and guests while managing traffic flow with our summer camp. Once we have a handle on this, we will open Bubble Bookings for a capacity of 10 people. This will provide your group with a dedicated space for climbing and ninja. This will be a premium option for specific timeslots available for any groups concerned about increasing their social bubble at this time. Please stay tuned!

Are you offering Birthday Parties?

During reopening, birthday parties will not be available in our traditional sense. However, when Bubble Bookings become available, this can certainly be made into a birthday party experience for your group, excluding the use of our party room and space for food and drink. We’re hoping we can return to offering parties in the fall.

Are masks required in the gym?

We are following the recommendations from the public health department of Halton and the guidelines set in the town of Milton. Mask are strongly recommended for indoor public spaces when a physical distance of 2m cannot be maintained. We understand that masks may hinder breathing during physical exertion so participants may go without masks at their discretion during these efforts. We encourage regular hand sanitization and the wearing of masks between efforts, upon arrival and departure.

Will Aspire be screening visitors?

We respect the privacy and personal health matters of our community. We are not medically trained to screen visitors with temperature checks. We ask that all visitors respect the community by staying home if they exhibit any symptoms. If you have been in contact with anyone with or exposed to COVID19, we ask that you quarantine for 14 days prior to returning to Aspire.

Will youth programs be running?

We are running a small summer camp of 10 kids this summer unless group gathering orders increase and sufficient guidelines are provided for us to increase these numbers. With a smaller camp, we can sufficiently manage traffic to keep campers in their own bubble. Camp is currently full but keep an eye out for additional spaces as the summer continues. We hope to resume our climbing and ninja youth programs in the fall.

If I'm not a member, when can I come in for a climbing or ninja session?

Guests are welcome to purchase and start a new membership upon their visit. General day passes are not available at the moment while we are still under Stage 2 reopening. Once the green light is given by the provincial government and public health officials. We're hoping soon and will definitely provide updates as the information is made available to us.

Can I book multiple sessions at the same time?

In order to accomodate as many members as possible, we're limiting visits to one per day and a maximum of 3 bookings per week. You can book up to two weeks in advance until things open further and we either increase capacity, time slots and/or hours of operation.

Can I bring food and drinks into the gym?

For the time being, we're not allowing outside food in the facility and we are not selling snacks. The water fountain is not available so please bring your own drinks or than can be purchased at our front desk.

Will liquid chalk be mandatory?

Although not clinically proven at this time, liquid chalk contains a high alcohol content that can help to reduce the spread of the virus. In addition, it reduces the amount of airborne particles in the air improving the air quality of the facility. We will be monitoring our traffic levels to determine if this is neccessary. We ask that all visitors be considerate with the use of chalk and avoid accessive use and spread. Chalk bags are not availble for rent at the moment and we ask climbers not to share chalk.

If I book for bouldering, can I use other areas during my visit?

In order to perform effective contact tracing, we are asking visitors to stay in the areas they have booked for. After each session, the areas are cleaned and disinfected by our staff and open wandering can lead to greater cross contamination. We will assess this as traffic incrases and adjust if neccessary.

Can I book back to back sessions in two seperate areas?

Unfortunately this is not available to start. We would like to give as many members as possible a fair opportunity to return to climbing.

Is rental equipement available to rent?

At the moment, harnesses and climbing shoes are available to rent. Chalkbags are not. Climbing shoes are sprayed with 99% alcohol to disinfect them after every use and aired out to dry for 24hrs. Climbing harnesses are cycled to dry and put back into circulation after a 48hr quarentine period. Due to the communial nature of rental chalk bags and inability to clean and disinfect, chalk bag rentals are not availabe.

Are masks mandatory?

Yes they are. As of Saturday, July 18th, masks are mandatory for all participants and visitors. We are following the guidance of Halton Public Heath officials to require masks to be worn at all ensclosed indoor spaces. They may be removed during physical acitivity but must be used upon arrival and departure or other shared spaces such as bathrooms.

We're doing our best to proactively answer any questions and concerns you may have. If you don't see the answers to the questions you have, please ask because you may not be alone. We will update our FAQ regularly.

Email your question to

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