Tuesday, May 26, 2020


To our community,

It is with great excitement we announce our preparation to reopen! Yes, preparation - we do not have a reopening date yet. But the recent Stage 1 plan from the Ontario government suggests that guidelines and announcements will be coming soon for businesses like ours!  We are all provided with the same public information, so we do not have an exact date at Aspire yet.  But we do know that it won’t be business as usual for a while, so here are a few things to familiarize you with the measures that we are taking to protect our staff, members and guests.


Physical Distancing

As we all ease back into society, we are becoming familiar with public shopping standards for physical distancing so there shouldn’t be too many surprises.  Here’s what it will look like at Aspire:

  • Floor markers and signage to delineate 6 foot spacing for arriving guests and member check-ins

  • Online waivers only to be filled out on personal smartphone devices (we now have public wifi - finally)

  • We ask that customers change and shower prior to arrival in order to limit the use of changerooms

  • Max 2 people per washroom – Showers will not be available

  • Separated seating in bouldering areas

  • Separated public seating for parents not participating

  • Required alternating routes and auto-belay use

  • Online payment or debit/credit only (no cash sales at this time)


Capacity Management

To allow for maximum floor space per person, we will be limiting the number of customers in the facility. To manage this, we will utilize an online booking system for a maximum 2hr time slot per person. These are the capacity limits for each area: 

  • Bouldering (15ppl)

  • Routes (15ppl)

  • Auto-Belay (8ppl)

  • Ninja (15ppl)

  • Non-participants (10ppl)


Free flow between areas will be based on traffic levels, and guests will be required to check-in with the front desk to use other areas when available. Floating staff will be available to assist in traffic management to ensure physical distancing is respected. All guests will be required to check-in upon arrival and check-out upon leaving to help keep our capacity numbers accurate and up to date.  At the start, we will be requiring online booking to help us safely manage flow, and walk-ins will not be available until we have a better sense of capacity management.  Waivers and payment can be done prior to arrival to minimize contact.

Staff Health and Safety

Upon arrival, customers will receive an orientation to learn about the measures Aspire is taking and are asked to accept personal responsibility to cooperate with these measures for their own safety and that of our staff and fellow visitors. Staff will be wearing facemasks and provided with additional PPE for their personal level of comfort to mitigate risks. If a staff member is feeling under the weather or exhibiting any symptoms of COVID19, self-quarantining and clearance from health care professionals will be required before returning to work.


Facility Hygiene

Fortunately, our AC and HVAC system combined with Big Ass Fans (that is literally what they’re called!) and roof venting system provide excellent circulation and air quality. To keep our facility cleaner than ever, increased cleaning and disinfecting of shared surfaces and areas will be common practice. 



We realize that there are many members in our community that are excited for our reopening, and there will be others that feel apprehensive about returning. Members will be given two options within the first 30 days of reopening. 

  1. Resume membership upon visiting within the first 30 days of reopening

  2. Keep membership frozen and purchase an hourly pass (or 10 pack)


After the first 30 days have past, all frozen memberships due to COVID19 will be automatically reactivated. Any pre-paid member still apprehensive about returning can contact us to manually freeze their membership. NOTE: This is not available for complimentary memberships included in previous program registrations. 


Please know that Aspire is taking public health measures very seriously and we are working to ensure that our staff feel safe and that you, our Aspire community, feel confident that we are doing everything we can so you can return to enjoy our facility with us once again.


We look forward to seeing your smiling faces, just as soon as we can. We will be smiling too behind our masks.



Kyle & Erin Wilson & Joë Layno



Aspire Climbing & Fitness Inc.