Build your craving for climbing.

Learning to climb is a wonderful process. There’s a world of discovery that occurs when a climber starts to experience to thrill of progression. Progression fuels the soul, and climbing provides a tangible gauge of progression simply from the grading system. But spend any time in this sport chasing grades and you’ll quickly learn is not just a matter of accomplishing the next grade. The learning curve at the beginning can be addictive because progression comes quickly. But as the grades get harder, that learning curve gets much steeper. Strength, grip, fitness, balance, flexibility, complexity, risk, this all becomes a factor that can stunt any climber’s natural progression. Crave Climbing is designed to provide climbers with the tools and the techniques to break through to the next grade!

Crave is the best training I have ever taken!! Joë will not only teach you the tools you need to take your climbing to the next level, he will shape and change you mind on how to project/send a climb. I highly recommend this course to all climbers, no matter what level you are at. I can’t wait to do it again!!


Introduction to climbing movement. Learn to balance on the wall and maximize your grip. Find your natural sense of centre to climb with fluidity and flow. Experience revelations in a movement that seems foolishly simple yet can be challenging to apply. Make this a foundation of your climbing technique to build upon naturally or through further coaching.



Ability to climb 5.8 without resting on the rope and/or climbing Yellow level boulder problems successfully


Currently not offered.


Breaking past 5.9 into 5.10 is an exciting time for any climber. You begin grabbing on smaller holds and start venturing into steep terrain. Naturally, strength becomes a factor however, success in the 5.10’s is all about technique. You can simply muscle your way to the top but that will only get you so far with trying to push into the next grade level. This class is designed to help you maximize your reach while minimizing your pull. Learn steep terrain techniques to really work your feet and hips. You don’t need to be strong at this level, you just need the desire to improve through trial and error to feel the benefits of good climbing technique compared to simply muscling your way to the top.



Ability to climb 5.9/5.10- without resting on the rope and/or climbing Blue level boulder problems successfully


Winter session begins February 10, 2020

Mondays - 6:30pm to 8:30pm


6 sessions 2hrs per week

Max 6 climbers


Once you break through the 5.10’s you start to realize that wow, holds and movements in the 5.11’s can really be hard! Yup, it’s true! They do. But there are ways to increase your skills and improve your overall climbing fitness, body positioning, precision footwork, recognition of movements. This and so much more play a factor in the 11’s. Learn how to be light on your hands and feet. Maximize what you have to work with, and realize further success in climbing. You will be introduced to core training and mild strength conditioning. 11’s don’t come easy so be prepared to work hard!



Ability to climb 5.10+/5.11- without resting on the rope and/or climbing Blue/Red level boulder problems successfully

Winter session begins February 13, 2020

Thursdays - 6:30pm to 8:30pm


6 sessions 2hrs per week

Max 6 climbers

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