Questions Regarding Our Facility

1. How do you get to the building from the parking lot?

Aspire climbing is located at 104 Bronte St. N. Unit 2. Our main entrance is along Bronte St. in the middle of the building. Follow the walkway just past the loading dock area to reach our main entrance.

2. How tall are the walls?

We have various walls at various heights:

Kids bouldering walls are 10ft tall

Main bouldering walls are 16ft tall

Kids climbing walls and beginner walls are 25ft tall

Main climbing walls are 30ft tall


3. Is there an age restriction from the activities in your gym?

We welcome all ages at Aspire! Kids 3 and under are free of charge when accompanied by a customer holding a day pass or an active member, rental gear fees still apply. Without a paying customer, Child Day Pass rates apply


Parental or adult supervision (18 and older) is required for all participants 12 years of age and under.



4. How old do you have to be to climb?

We’re a family facility and cater to all ages. There is no minimum or maximum age, as long as participants are able to grip the holds they are welcomed to climb!



5. Can I drop my kids off without supervision?

Kids 12 years of age and under require adult supervision (18+) at all times in our facility. Unless participating in our youth programs, parents or accompanying adults are required to stay in the facility during the child’s visit.



6. Are climbing shoes mandatory?

Climbing shoes are not mandatory, however if visitors are not prepared with clean indoor athletic closed-toe shoes they may have to rent our climbing shoes. Climbing shoes improve your climbing experience as it increases your ability to grip climbing holds with your feet more effectively. Sticky rubber and a stiff edge provides control and security on the climbing walls.


Indoor athletic shoes are required in the Ninja Warrior course. Climbing shoes are not recommended due to the tighter fit and higher risk of injury from a compromised fitting shoe.   


7. Is food allowed in the gym?

Peanut-free food is allowed in the gym on any non-carpet area. In the future, there will be a food-designated area with picnic tables. For now, we ask visitors to keep all food and coloured drinks off all carpeted areas.

8. Do you have Auto-Belays?

We DO! We currently have 12 auto-belay units on our 25ft climbing walls with various challenges. 2 units are used for our kids race wall which feature identical mirrored climbs and timing system. The remaining units feature multiple climbs per line that range from 5.7 to 5.12-. These climbs are great for climbers without climbing partners or looking to complete circuit workouts. Each climb is set to build technique and stamina and see's faster route setting turnover due to popularity. 


10. What are the clippy things on the wall for?

The clippy things on the wall are called quickdraws and are used for an advanced form of climbing called Lead Climbing. Instead of the rope being fixed at the top of each climb like Top-Roping, lead climbers start with the rope on the ground as it is attached directly to their belayer. As the climber climbs up the wall, they clip their rope into each quickdraw to secure their next anchor point. But unlike top-roping where a climber can sit at anytime with minimal falls, lead climbers can potentially have larger falls due to the rope in the system and the dynamics of the fall. It’s an advanced form of climbing that allows climbers to climb steeper terrain and more closely simulate climbing outdoors.

11. Do you sell climbing equipment?

We DO! We carry a selection of gear from the top brands in the industry with more to come...

12. How often do you change your routes/problems?

Our climbs are always fresh! We feature 10+ new boulder problems every Tuesday night, with 8-10 new routes each week. This schedule may be affected from time to time based on special events or competitions. Full rotation of the main bouldering wall is roughly 6 weeks. Routes can be up for up to 3 months based on popularity.   

Questions Regarding Our Rates

13. Do you have to book in to come to the facility or can you just drop in?

Our rates are walk-in day pass rates so you can enjoy our facility within our business hours. We offer orientations for first-time visitors and they just take a few minutes. After the orientations, you're good to come and go as you please throughout the day!


14. How far in advance do you have to book a guided belay?

Guided belays are best booked a minimum of 1.5 weeks in advance to ensure we have staff available.  Walk-ins or bookings less than 1.5 weeks in advance are subject to staff availability and are not guaranteed.


15. How do your rates work? Can I leave and come back on the same day?

We have day rates which include in and out privileges so you can step out for some food and come back! Just check back in when you return, so our staff can verify your check-in from earlier in the day.


16. Do you offer hourly or half-day rates?

Rather than hourly rates found in other sports and activity facilities, we have day rates for our customers to enjoy our amenities and services without time limitations (during our hours of operation).


17. Do you offer bouldering only day-pass?

No, our climbing rates are set to be very reasonable so our customers can enjoy all of our climbing walls during their visit.




18. What is the price for a birthday party and how does it work? 

Our Climbing Ninja  Birthday Parties start at $349 for a 2 hour fully guided experience your kids will love! This includes up to 8 participants; additional participants are only $18 each. You'll get the party room which seats 16 with a capacity of 24 for the full duration. The party programming includes ninja warrior, obstacles, and bouldering and auto-belay rock climbing so kids can have a full experience at Aspire Climbing. You are welcome to bring your own food, snacks and refreshments. Our parties begin on the ninja warrior course to work off the early excitement. Our guides walk your group through our ninja course giving them the full breakdown with tips and tricks to navigate the obstacles successfully and safely. After about an hour, it's a great time for a refreshment break and a recharge. Next, our guides will get them harnessed up to climb our 25ft auto-belay walls. These walls feature climbs of various difficulty levels, fully accessible for kids. They'll also get a chance to race each other up our timed race walls. During this time, participants can also explore our kids bouldering walls and parkour course so everyone is engaged from start to finish. Our parties may be scaled depending on the age level of your group. We have a 6:1 ratio of participants to kids which gives them a good amount of climbing time. If you have a high-energy group, we recommend hiring an additional guide for $44 so kids get double the climbing time!


Questions Regarding Our Lessons


19. What is a belay lesson?

A belay lesson is required for anyone looking to climb our 30ft top-rope walls. We will teach you the knots and belay technique so you and a climbing partner can climb any of our roped climbing walls. The lesson takes 1-1.5hrs, depending on how many people are in the lesson and how quickly you pick up the skills. The lesson is a $20 add on to your daypass or membership and includes all gear rentals. Check here for available times. 



20. What is the difference between booking a belay hire vs. taking a lesson?

Belay hires are per hour rates so each visit will require a belay hire to handle the ropes to climb our top-rope walls. Each visit will cost $24 for the belayer, plus $19.80 per child for a day-pass and $4 for a harness rental. 


The advantage in taking a belay lesson for $40 is that you will learn how to belay and thus be able to belay and climb as often as you would like in the future, and your visits are not limited to one hour on the top-rope walls. Although the upfront cost is higher, a belay lesson pays for itself after the second visit.



21. I’ve climbed before; do I need to take a lesson?

When you climbed before, did you learn how to handle the ropes, tie into your harness with a figure eight follow-through and a double fisherman’s knot? Did you learn to belay using a Petzl GriGri off your harness?


If yes, you will be required to take a belay test which includes the following:

- Your ability to put on a harness correctly;

- Tie a figure-eight knot and a figure-eight follow-through into your harness with a double fisherman’s keeper knot;

- Belay off your harness using a Petzl GriGri and demonstrate manufacturer’s recommended belay technique, without letting go of the break end of the rope.

If you are unable to demonstrate the aforementioned criteria, our staff may recommend taking a belay lesson to ensure you have the safest practices moving forward. This may or may not be something we can perform on the spot. It will be based on the availability of an instructor.


If it has been a while since you last belayed, our staff will perform an assessment based on how much you remember.  “Refreshers” can quickly turn into a belay lesson so it will be to the discretion of our staff to determine what is required. A belay test should not take any longer than 15 minutes. Beyond 15 minutes, we may request that you take a lesson to refresh your skills.


22. I’m an arborist or construction worker and I’ve worked with knots and harnesses. Why do I need to take a belay lesson?

The specific safety requirements for indoor rock climbing are different than those of working at heights. The gear and equipment appear similar but are not exactly the same. The dynamics and the nature of falling and lowering are not regular practices when working at heights. Only precautionary measures are taken in case an accident occurs.


If you are unable to confidently demonstrate the following, we recommend a belay lesson:

- Your ability to put on a harness correctly;

- Tie a figure-eight knot, a figure-eight follow-through knot into your harness with a double fisherman’s at the end.

- Belay off your harness using a Petzl GriGri and demonstrate manufacturer’s recommended belay technique, without letting go of the break end of the rope.

23. I’ve been climbing for __ years and belaying this way, why do I have to change the way I belay to climb here?

To belay at Aspire, you are required to belay using the belay technique endorsed by Petzl, the manufacturer of the GriGri device. Previous methods of belaying are outdated and no longer deemed to be the safest techniques.


Previous “latch and slide” techniques were originally adopted for use with the Munter hitch. This method made its way to friction belay devices through tradition, but is fundamentally vulnerable to accidents due to a delayed and unnatural belayer response in the event of a fall, and ultimately it is not the safest practice.


We teach Petzl’s endorsed belay technique to new climbers at Aspire and expect the same from veteran climbers to set a positive example for the newer generation.



Ninja Related Questions


24. How old must one be to use the Ninja course? Are children allowed on the ninja course or training area?

Our ninja course is open to all ages although smaller children may be challenged. We ask kids and parents to previous the course to determine if they would like to take the challenge! View all of the ninja policies here.

25. Why does everyone in the same party have to pay for a ninja orientation when they all go through it at the same time?

The Ninja Orientation is required for all new participants to the course. It sets a value to ensure that all participants understand the requirements, guidelines and rules before trying the course. It’s a nominal fee for the service. It’s not intended to cover the rates of our staff performing Ninja Orientations.


Questions Regarding Climbing Programs

26. Do you have any Fall Programming for kids? Is there anything for adults?

Registration for our Youth Development Program is now open. The School of Hard Rock is a progression-based program designed to take your kids further in climbing. It’s focused on individual achievement of climbing skills, techniques and knowledge. It’s broken down by age categories so kids can develop according to their age, and motivate and inspire each other.


The School is designed to lead kids into our Vanguards advanced climbing program. The Vanguards are meant for youth that show exceptional climbing talent who are looking for more specific coaching to enhance their climbing ability. It is the gateway program into our Team Grip Aspire competitive team. Vanguards have the option to participate in local competitions for early exposure to climbing competition.


Team Aspire is our Competitive Youth Climbing Team.  These athletes receive specialized coaching for high performance to achieve personal and competitive climbing goals. Athletes are invited into this program by our coaches.


Crave Climbing – an adult climbing program designed to advance the skills of our customers who are in search of growth and improvement of their climbing abilities. It is a social training program where you can meet climbing partners, while encouraging and motivating one another. Our coaches help you acquire new skills, technique, and how to apply them into your climbing. You will acquire improved climbing ability and efficiency that will leave you craving more.

If you don't find the answers to your questions, please contact us!

HST not included in prices unless stated. All prices are subject to change without notice.

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