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Difficulty season is upon us (otherwise known as route season) and we are pleased to welcome back the Ontario Climbing Federation (OCF) for the first Difficulty Local events of 2020. Over three days, Aspire will welcome new and experienced competitors from across Ontario.

Here's is the schedule for each weekend. Updates will be made as we near each event.

Saturday, February 8

Youth E Girls/Boys (Ages 8-9) Top Rope Scramble

7:00 am - Gym opens (see parking information below!)

8:00 am - Competitors briefing

8:15 am - Climbing starts

Results and awards to follow

Youth D Boys (Ages 10-11) Top Rope Scramble

9:45 am - Competitors briefing

10:00 am - Climbing starts

Results and awards to follow

Youth D Girls (Ages 10-11) Top Rope Scramble

12:15 pm - Competitors briefing

12:30 pm - Climbing starts

Results and awards to follow


Saturday, February 29
Event schedules will be published February 26

Youth A Girls/Boys (Ages 16-17) Lead Flash-Format Qualifier / Isolation Finals

Junior Girls/Boys (Ages 18-19) Lead Flash-Format Qualifier / Isolation Finals 

Open Women/Men (Ages 20+) Lead Flash-Format Qualifier / Isolation Finals



Sunday, March 1

Youth C Girls/Boys (Ages 12-13) Top Rope Flash-Format Qualifier / Isolation Finals

Youth B Girls/Boys (Ages 14-15)  Lead Flash-Format Qualifier / Isolation Finals




These events feature 3 different types of formats based on different age groups. Youth E/D are introduced into route climbing through a top rope scramble format. Each competitor will climb 4 routes in a predetermined order of varying difficulty with a 4-minute time limit on each. If a competitor does not complete a climb, they may get a second attempt at the end of the running order. Routes are scored based on various points as the climbs reach the top. Climbers are scored based on averaging all 4 climbs. To see a complete overview of the format and rules, see Section 12 in the OCF Rulebook.


Youth C/B also compete in top rope with two rounds. Qualification is a flash-format where each competitor will complete two climbs in a specified order. During this round, competitors can watch and cheer each other on. The top 8 climbers with the highest scores from the qualification round will move onto finals with an isolation onsight format. After a group preview of the finals climbs, competitors will go back into isolation and with a predetermined running order, attempt each climb one at a time to achieve their high point with their combined scores to determine their ranking. To see a complete overview of the format and rules, see Section 13 in the OCF Rulebook.


Youth A, Jr and Open complete follow the same format at Youth C/B but with lead climbing rather than top roping. These categories will also be competing on their own sets of climbs based on the skill level of the field. To see a complete overview of the format and rules, see Section 13 in the OCF Rulebook.


These events are made possible by the hard work, dedication and commitment of the Ontario Climbing Federation. The OCF was established in 2011 to be the Provincial Sport Organization for competitive climbing in Ontario. The OCF is a volunteer organization. Through their hard work and contributions of all the volunteers that events like this are possible. Aspire is committed to the development of the sport and is proud to have the OCF events back for another season! You can do your part by volunteering for the OCF to participate in judging and/or belaying. These roles are crucial for the success of these events and experience from returning volunteers is appreciated. To see the many ways you can help out, visit:




Parking at Aspire has never been a problem in the past, however, our parking lot is shared with large transport trucks. These trucks need space to manoeuver and we don't want your vehicle to get damaged in any way. We will have pylons and cones designating space for Aspire parking and there is street parking available along Bronte St. This road does get busy at times so please take extra care when crossing. Anyone parked outside designated areas may be subject to ticketing or towing at their own expense. NOTE: Street parking in Milton is limited to 5 hours.


There is more parking now available behind the length of the building. These spots are especially suitable for SUV's and trucks. 




We will be open to the public during the competition days however visitors should note that some areas of the gym will be closed off for competitors only. Expect full closures of the main climbing walls and bouldering area for competitor warm-up and isolation zones.

The Ninja course and auto-belay climbing walls will not be affected by the competition and will be open to all.

These will be exciting events and we welcome all spectators!