We aspire to be more than we are; to give more, to see more, to do more.

We love what we do.

We are passionate about climbing. We are a team of talented individuals, inspired to bring indoor rock climbing, ninja warrior, fitness and fun to Milton and surrounding communities. We believe in creating enduring customer experiences through our warm and friendly service, high-quality climbing, and exceptional programs.

Meet our team.

When hiring the leaders of our team the criteria was simple, we wanted to find people who represent the very nature of Aspire. We never expected to find people who surpassed our expectations in every way. We are honoured and proud to introduce to our community these outstanding people who will inspire and challenge you to reach new heights.

The owners; our husband and wife duo

Kyle Wilson
CEO & Founder

​With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Kyle Wilson is an invaluable member of Canada’s climbing community. Kyle has dabbled in all aspects of the climbing industry from route setting and instruction, to construction and management; but, it was the construction side of rock climbing that ignited the spark for Kyle. In 2010, Kyle founded Rockwerx Canada, the country’s leading climbing wall manufacturer. With an expanding product portfolio, in-house manufacturing expertise and meticulous craftsman-quality, the company has evolved and grown, and is now known as IMPACT Climbing. With countless climbing and adventure projects under IMPACT's belt, Kyle used the best practice approach to build his own dream facility. In 2015, Kyle and his wife Erin, founded Aspire Climbing. With a shared passion for bringing climbing to the masses, they built an exceptional team that shares in their core values. It’s the teamwork, dedication, and customer experience that makes Aspire Climbing a truly special place. At the heart of it all, we're a team of quirky individuals that love what we do.

Erin Wilson
President & Founder

​Erin has been an educator for over 10 years with a focus on student centered learning. Her ability to engage students while teaching them important skills in order to navigate in today’s society, has always been paramount in her teaching approach. Erin’s ongoing patience and commitment towards her students has allowed them to grow and flourish in an environment that embraces a love for life-long learning. She is a hardworking and passionate educator with a focus in supporting and mentoring students with various exceptionalities. Recently, she has transformed this passion into a new career at Aspire Climbing & Fitness Inc. as the Program Director. In this roll, Erin is able to apply her educational creativity by infusing the programs with rich experiences that build on developing focus, confidence, problem solving and creative thinking skills for children and youth in the Halton community. Her commitment to fostering balanced children and youth now extends beyond the walls of her classroom and into the community where everyone can learn and grow while having fun.

The managers

Joë Layno

General Manager, Veteran Coach & Route Setter

​Joë is a well-known and valuable player in the rock climbing community. He is an experienced rock climber who has trained and influenced some of the best route setters and climbers in the Canadian industry today. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Joë has been at the forefront of the growth and development of many indoor climbing facilities in Ontario and comes to Aspire more than ready to inspire, lead, coach and build a great team and facility. He has high moral values and a strong work ethic that push him to seek new and creative solutions for improvement and growth in all he aspires to. He is a skilled route setter, an experienced manager, a killer graphic designer and so much more. One of his gifts is his ability to inspire and bring out the best in others. He has a keen eye for detail and a passion for exceptional customer service. His torrid belief in our vision is demonstrated as an investor. With skin in the game, Joë looks forward to leading Aspire Climbing into the future of the industry and to helping others Aspire! Let the challenge begin!

Scott Ladley
Operations Manager & Coffee Connoisseur

​Scott is a natural born leader. One that leads from within rather than above. With a Bachelors in English literature and a certificate in TESL, he’s an excellent communicator, constantly seeking opportunities to cultivate personal and professional growth. His entrepreneurial spirit has taken him to places to create meaningful work, serving people and growing effective teams. His desire to expand his background in climbing facility management, team leadership and hospitality has led him to Aspire Climbing. Scott is a family man, an avid climber and cyclist. He places great importance in balancing family and lifestyle, work and play. Scott shares in our values and is eager to join our workplace culture which embodies teamwork and commitment. We are fortunate to have Scott in a lead role on our management team, to realize our vision, and “experience more”

The Five Star Factory

AKA our route setters

Tomasz Wojtkowiak
Head Route Setter & Head Coach

​Tomasz found his niche in rock climbing just over five years ago when climbing really became a significant part of his life. Rock climbing, inspires and challenges him to push the limits and utilize that part of his brain that yearns to push his boundaries and solve crazy problems. Tomasz graduated from McMaster University in 2013, with his Bachelors of Science Kinesiology, and put his education to use by becoming a coach and kinesiologist for Team Grip, a competitive youth climbing team. Tomasz understands that a great teacher has as much to learn from his students as they do from him and he uses this knowledge to inform his instruction and lead his students to reach their full potential. For Tomasz, going above and beyond is his standard, he believes in providing exceptional customer service and making training fun. Tomasz can’t wait to provide our clientele the facility and services, where those who aspire can achieve!

Anthony Richard

Route Setter and Competitive Team Coach

Luka Stojkovic

Route Setter and High- Performance Climbing Coach

Kyle Vandervelden

Route Setter and Performance Coach

Our coaching team

Hikmat Hallak

Supervisor and High-Performance Ninja Coach


Matt "the Bat" as he's known, is the newest member of our management team. He came to us with a vision of bringing ninja warrior to the masses. In our early years, ninja has been a popular attraction to the facility, but the popularity really picked up with the creation of the League of Ninjas. Coming from a background of personal fitness, Matt's passion for ninja brought him to Aspire. During his time with us, he has received his International Sports Sciences Association certification for Group Fitness and Youth Fitness. He has also become an exceptional climber in his own right and expanded his coaching skills to the School of Hard Rock climbing classes. Through Matt's dedication, charisma and charismatic coaching techniques, he's built a community of aspiring ninjas young and old. The sky is the limit for this Batman!

Taylor St. Germain

Supervisor and Advanced Climbing Coach

Anthony Mattina

Advanced Climbing Coach and Customer Service

Charrise Ibay

Youth Climbing Coach and Customer Service

Michaela St. Germain

Supervisor and Advanced Climbing Coach

Ryan Gagnon

Youth Climbing Coach and Customer Service

Agnes Hurbus

Supervisor and Youth Climbing Coach

Brent Vanderlaan

Youth Climbing Coach and Customer Service

Sophia Franc

Youth Climbing Coach and Customer Service

Customer service and youth climbing guides

Jack Heagle

Customer Service and Youth Climbing Guide

Dia Prijono

Customer Service and Youth Climbing Guide

Michelle Dermott

Customer Service and Youth Climbing Guide


Looking for a fun, dynamic workplace that puts teamwork, cooperation, personal and professional growth above all else? We're always on the lookout for top-quality individuals, inspired to bring the best out of others and themselves, through exceptional customer service. 

If this sounds like you and you're looking for an exciting opportunity, we'd love to hear from you!

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