The School of Hard Rock is more than just a climbing school. Aspire Climbing provides a safe, controlled environment to build confidence, promote self-esteem, and teach kids that conquering fear is a healthy part of growing up. Increased core strength and flexibility are natural results of the ever evolving puzzle of climbing. Kids learn to negotiate challenges using their own natural ability and new skills acquired through each class. We take learning beyond the classroom, into an exciting visceral experience, that builds confidence and self-awareness. 

Progression, Always.

Quality over quantity 

8 week focused weeks with flexible lesson planning so coaches can adapt to maximize climber development in each class.

Improved coaching

All SOHR coaches undergo further training and workshops between each season to elevate their coaching skills, communication techniques, class management, and of course their own personal climbing skills to be mentors for SOHR climbers. 

Small class ratios

Class sizes are limited to 8 climbers with 2 coaches. This provides more one-on-one development for each climber. 

Longer breaks between seasons

This allows climbers to try other programs like the League of Ninjas or customized private sessions with our advanced coaches to add variety. Climbers can also enjoy the benefits of increased socializing with other climbers in their class and continue practicing outside class times.

Customized classes

No two seasons are alike. Each class is customized for the unique blend of climbers in each group.

Graduated progression

Opportunity for early advancement for advanced climbers. 


End of season progression trackers 

Detailed summary of skills acquired, ways to continue improvement outside of classes and recommended next steps.

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