It's never been easier to get started.

Our rates are set up to be affordable and fair. Getting started has never been easier with day rates rather than hourly rates so you can determine how much time you would spend with us. If you enjoy your time and would like to return more frequently, we offer 10 visit passes, memberships, classes and more. 

Day Passes for adults, children, students, seniors and families. 

For individual day passes, the adult is the base rate, and children, students, seniors and families are discounted from there.


Families are awarded with the lowest rates because nothing makes us happier than to see families enjoy our facility together.

10 Visit Passes save you 20% on 10 prepaid visits.

If you know you would like to come back but your visits will be occasional, 10 visit passes are a great way to save on each individual future visit. These can also be shared with friends and family and do not expire.

Memberships are the biggest savings.

If you know you're going to visit 4 times or more within a month, memberships are an excellent value. The more you visit, the better than value. We offer 1 Month Memberships and 12 Months Memberships but keep an eye out for special sales where we offer 3, 4 or 6 Month Membership deals for limited times. 

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