Canada's original Ninja Warrior Course keeps getting better!

Many of you know by now that Aspire Climbing isn’t your typical climbing gym; it is also the home of Canada’s first Ninja Warrior Course. Those of you who have experienced running this electronically timed course will agree that it will put your physical fitness to the test! It has been enjoyable to watch people gather at our facility determined to make it through the course successfully. There has been nothing more satisfying than seeing the look of joy that follow ongoing personal improvement.

In order to continue satisfying the needs of our customers, we have altered a few of the obstacles. While many became familiar with the island hops (bosu ball platforms) in the foam pit, we made the decision to allow individuals to get reacquainted with the saying “to monkey around”… We now have a rope swing that is used to propel you towards a second aluminum swing – of which you then have the chance to jump off to reach the final platform. As much as it is fun to land safely on the final platform, it’s almost equally as fun to launch into the foam pit. The modifications that can be made to this course are endless; we are only limited by our creativity. As time goes by, and we notice dwindling excitement, we can make the choice to change the obstacles.

Remodelling of the course will typically happen on the day of Aspire’s Ninja Warrior Competition. During this competition, fellow warriors will compete to achieve the best time for the course that day. In order to qualify for our competition, one must compete in at least two Ninja Prologues, which are held on Sunday’s at 6 pm. Also, check out our Ninja Club and All The Ninja Ladies nights to practice and improve on your Ninja Warrior skills.

We understand that everyone is not gifted with exceptional levels of strength and general body awareness, and that’s perfectly okay. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the structure of the course, we ask that you take on this challenge with an open mind! Recently, we made a few changes to the course to make it more accessible to participants. Some of the changes include the addition of rope ladders to assist getting in and out of the foam pit.

Unfortunately, the course is not for everyone due to physical demands and height requirements. All participants must be a MINIMUM 4'8" (56 inches) tall. Children under the age of 13 years MUST be accompanied by an adult that is also required to participate in the Ninja Orientation to become familiarized with the rules and risks associated with their child participating in the activity. For the children that do not meet our height requirements, check out our Camp Aspire. On the final day of this week-long summer camp, the Ninja Warrior Course will be scaled down to be suitable for children.

If you have yet to unleash your ninja skills, come by for a Ninja Orientation. During this orientation, our resident Ninja Trainer will go over the entire layout, safety precautions, and will coach you on the various techniques that are required to conquer this course. Come by for an experience worth remembering. You never know, you could be Canada’s next Ninja Warrior.

Cameron Mattice is the resident Ninja Master and Strength Trainer on Team Aspire. He's inspired through climbing and passionate in guiding others to achieve their personal bests.

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