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They’re stealthy, agile and they’re scaling playgrounds near you! We’ve got a bunch of new mini ninjas in town thanks to Aspire Climbing’s super successful PA Day Camp. Last Friday, June 3rd, myself and a team of fellow Aspire Staff welcomed twenty-five children, ranging from 5 to 12 years old, to our gym for a day full of running, jumping, climbing and fun of all kinds. The campers were literally bouncing off the walls and we couldn’t have been more pleased about it.

From the moment they walked in, I could tell all the kids were very excited for the day’s activities. However, it was very clear their main point of interest was our Ninja Warrior Course, which had been especially modified for our smaller friends for the day.

Partly by miracle, but mainly by our captivating staff we were able to peel the campers eyes away from the ninja course in order to get them involved in the other wonderful elements our gym has to offer. We started the day off with some warm up games on our children’s parkour course and the bouldering wall to get the campers energy up (not that there was any shortage of that) and even had a little lesson in which the kids learned how to identify the different kinds of climbing holds. I was delighted to see all of the campers were very attentive and seemed eager to learn about climbing. The day continued with lots of top rope climbing, slack lining, some arts and crafts and even a friendly game of dodge ball. And of course, endless amounts of ninja training on the course.

By the end of the day every face in the gym was flushed a beautiful shade of ninja red, but despite the fact that every camper looked like they were on the verge of slipping into nap land there was no stopping them. Our campers were running through the ninja course and climbing up our walls until they had to literally be dragged away by their parents. That is once those parents had been able to drag themselves away. It was clear that all the moms and dads who walked into the gym that day were captivated by their children’s energy and all the fun they were having. It was fantastic to see all the campers so excited to show off their skills.

As the kids left that evening I received no final goodbyes, only “see you laters” as the kids chattered to me about all the birthday parties, and friends birthday parties and future camp days they hoped to return for.

Once the gym had emptied and I was able to sit for one quiet, restful moment I still couldn’t wipe the huge smile off my face as I thought about the day. I can’t believe my luck that it is my job to help expand that single day of playful, active fun into full weeks of adventure during our summer camp.

All I have to say is, mini Milton ninjas, I’m ready for ya!!

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Sandy Hudson is one Team Aspire's newest faces. Specializing in our birthday parties, camps and youth programs, Sandy's enthusiasm, energy and bubbly personality brings a smile to each person she encounters.

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