Camp Aspire, inspires!

A business with the name Aspire did not receive its name without careful consideration. We knew the deeper meaning the name held for us as owners; what we did not know was whether we could find a team of people to work at Aspire who would appreciate and take ownership of their roll to inspire our customers and each other. We've been open for almost three months now and I have to pinch myself daily: our team is amazing! Our team inspires us and everyone around them.

At this time I would be remiss not to recognize the time and dedication each and every member of the Aspire Team has put into making Aspire Climbing & Fitness something truly unique. You can feel the energy when you walk in the door and hear the hum when things are busy; it's that beautiful sound of people having fun and feeling inspired. Thank you Team Aspire for becoming part of the dream and for investing yourselves to inspire others! We are honoured you have chosen to make Aspire a big part of your lives. Your selflessness and humility do not go unnoticed. Our team is full of talent. I could share the amazing contributions of each of them, but we're two weeks into camp and I would like to recognize one of our dynamic duos, the people behind the amazing birthday party and camp programming.

Sandy and Christina are the masters when it comes to creating programs that infuse energy and bring on ear to ear smiles. Their birthday party and camp programming is second to none. I've had the privilege of listening to them share ideas and watching their programs unfold: they are meticulously planned, original and (most importantly) FUN. They inspire teamwork, camaraderie and quick thinking. Little did we know when we met these two that they would make such an incredible team. They represent the depth of a name like Aspire and when you combine their talents with the incredible enthusiasm and energy the entire birthday party / camp team brings with them to work each day, you create nothing short of magic!

Christina, Sandy, Taylor & Michaela - Your time with us is invaluable and those smiles are because of you! Thank you for believing in and fulfilling the roll of making every child's experience the very best it could possibly be.

At Aspire we believe it is our privilege to spend even an hour celebrating and inspiring kids, it truly is the most incredible job. With an entire team that backs this belief, you can’t go wrong!


What a privilege it is to spend time getting to know and working with Team Aspire, there is so much more I could say; but I’m not sure the words your reading even bring justice to the amazing talents and people that work under our roof. If you’re ever interested in knowing more about them, please ask, I would be happy to spend my time singing their praises!

Team Aspire, you are my inspiration!

Erin Wilson | Co-Owner of Aspire Climbing

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