We aspire to be more than we are; to give more, to see more, to do more


There is no obstacle in life that cannot be overcome! Dream big and have fun!


Run, jump, play & climb; a camp where dreams really do come true. This truly is the place where kids can climb the walls and it’s encouraged that they do! Make child’s play WORK for your kids. Each child is unique and will reach the top or master an obstacle in their own unique way.


At Aspire Climbing your kids are the inspiration. We aspire to make dreams come true by teaching kids to take risks and be active in a controlled environment. This is the best opportunity to learn the skills kids need to stay fit and have fun while learning to maintain control of their bodies.


Experience five fun filled days, each bringing new challenges and excitement at Camp Aspire. Youth will work on body awareness, footwork and route reading while learning all about the cool gear and holds that are part of indoor climbing. Experience the thrill of rock climbing and the frenzy of parkour all under one roof. Prepare to be challenged both physically and mentally to reach your goals. On the final day of the camp, kids are treated to an exclusive day on our Ninja Warrior Course! We scale it down to make it fun and accessible for kids. It's the one time of year kids get access to the course; only with Camp Aspire. Find your inner ninja and become the master of focus and problem solving.


The benefits of rock climbing naturally trickle into all general movement abilities and build strength and agility in every muscle from the tips of your toes to the ends of your fingers, making it one of the best physical activities to train for all other sports.


The best training for any sport starts with Aspire. Take your adventures to new heights! Be part of Camp Aspire!

Full Week Camp Rates 

$290 (9am to 4:30pm | Monday to Friday)

+$40 Early Drop-Off (8am) - or - Late Pick-Up (5:30pm)

+$60 for both (weekly rate)

For participant ages 5-12 years olds

2020 dates coming soon!

HST not included in prices. All prices are subject to change without notice.

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