Aspire Climbing is excited to host SUMMER SWEAT FEST - SEASON 8 as our first climbing competition in 2016. This is a bouldering competition intended for all ages and abilities with 2 comp formats to split Open (Advanced) competitors from Friendly-Format Scramble (Recreational) competitors.


Open competitors will be scored by judges and will compete on 5 challenging problems using a Top/Bonus scoring system. Competitors are welcome to start climbing anytime after 5pm when the competition starts. You will have up to 90mins from your start time to complete your 5 designated problems or until time expires at 10pm when the competition ends.

Comp Fee for Open: $35.40

Prize money for Open Category: 1st $200 | 2nd $100 | 3rd $50

Click here for complete Rules for Open Competitors

Thursday, August 25, 2016

5pm to 10pm


Recreational competitors will compete in a Friendly-Format Scramble competition and will have up to 30 boulder problems to choose from. Climbing can start and stop anytime between 5pm and 10pm. Scramble format is a low pressure, friendly competition for newer recreational climbers to try a competition for the first time. It’s just like a night of bouldering with 30 new problems to play on but you keep track of your tops and attempts to see how you performed. The more challenging the problem, the higher the score. Your strategy is based on successfully completing the highest scoring problems you can. This is a “peer judged” competition that requires a witness to verify your successful completion (or Tops). Competition scores are calculated using the TOP 6 points awarded. Competitors must verify and sign for points and turn in the TOP 6 totals for competition organizers before the end of the competition to be included in the results.

Comp Fee for Recreation: $26.55

Click here for complete Rules for Friendly-Format Scramble Competitors

Come out and experience our first competition and show your support. Spectators are welcome!