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Choose your category

Please select the appropriate category based on your ability level. Don't sandbag, be competitive with other climbers of similar skills.

Let's kick off the summer crushing it!

Aspire Climbing is kicking off the first ever Tour de Bloc Summer Series. This is a scramble format competition that welcomes all ability levels with 3 categories; Recreational, Experienced and Open. No previous competition experience is required. Although there is not a specific youth category, many climbs will be height accessible making each category suitable for youth.
Pre-register by July 1st - $35  / $40 after

Competition Schedule

  • 10am to 3pm with open start time

  • Competitors have 3 hours to complete their top 6 scores


  • Problems are valued based on difficulty

  • The harder the problem, the higher the value

  • Highest value of points is earned through by TOPPING the problem on the first attempt (Flash)

  • 1st attempt is given full value, 2nd attempt less, 3rd attempt or more even less and valued the same

  • Competitors complete their own score cards

  • Each TOP must be validated and witnessed with initials from 2 other competitors


  • This is a friendly format scramble and the goal is for everyone to enjoy themselves

  • Don't take this too seriously, it's only rock climbing

  • STARTS will be clearly marked with 4 points of contact off the ground to begin your attempt

  • TOPS are clearly marked and must be matched in control with both hands before letting go (3 seconds to be safe)

  • Each attempt must be from the start of the problem, working the problem midway or using other holds is not permitted

  • Volumes are considered part of the climbing wall and can be used on any problem IF they have T-nuts

  • Volumes without T-nuts are considered a climbing hold and only to be used with other holds of the same colour

  • Down climb holds will be provided and are black and white - these are not for use during attempts to TOP, only to climb down

Climber Etiquette

  • Take turns and be considerate

  • Do not rest or sit on the padded floors

  • Keep fall zones clear at all times 

  • Keep chalk bags and brushes off the mats

  • Have fun and cheer each other on!

Prizes and Raffles

  • Competitors will collect points for the season towards the final event

  • Swag and giveaways will be raffled out during the event giving everyone a chance to win

Other Participating Gyms

Top Rock Climbing

Up the Bloc

Windsor Rock Gym

Joe Rockheads

Dates will be announced soon


If your climbing difficulty level is between White to Yellow (V0-V3), this is your category. 

If your climbing difficulty level is between Blue to Red (V3-V6), this is your category. 

If your climbing difficulty level is green and up (V6+), this is your category. 

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ALL competitors are required to complete a waiver form.  Sign your's now  >>>

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