Competitive Youth Climbing Team

Youth Competitive Program.

Welcome to Aspire Climbing’s youth competitive climbing program. This program is designed to advance young climbers through advanced development in climbing to reach individual high performance goals.

What it takes.

For TEAM ASPIRE, we are looking for individuals that are motivated and committed, with exceptional discipline. Candidates must possess the highest level of sportsmanship, etiquette and ethics as youth ambassadors. This is a highly specialized training program for youth competition performance. Athletes receive individualized coaching within a team structure to achieve personal and competition climbing goals, without loosing touch of the fun and passion for a lifelong journey through the sport.

Meet the coaches

Anthony Richard

Anthony Richard has been rock climbing nine years. His previous experience coaching for the Academy Youth Climbing Program at Climber’s Rock laid the groundwork for his years coaching for Team Grip for the past three years. He competed within the Canadian Youth Climbing Circuit his entire climbing career. He participated in the National Youth Climbing Championships six times. Anthony went on to compete in many open climbing competitions and has made finals in several events. He also went on to climb bouldering problems as hard as V11; flashing multiple problems graded V10 on outdoor rock. Anthony is not only experienced competitive climbing during his youth climbing career, he also comes from a background in competitive BMX racing, football and weight- lifting. This has given him an extensive education on muscle building and specialized training to perform, along with the mental preparation for head to head competition.

Tomasz Wojtkowiak

Tomasz Wojtkowiak has been a high performance climbing coach for the previous Team Grip program for the last four years. He has a degree in Kinesiology from McMaster University which provides him with a deep understanding of the biomechanics behind climbing movement. This makes him an expert at muscle development and how to minimize risk of injury which is highly important in developing young climb prodigies, understanding muscle. His previous experience as the Head Coach of Sweat Force, the adult climbing program at Climber’s Rock, provided him with the foundation to synthesize his Kinesiology background with climbing specific skills training. Through his personal dedication in training and patient mindset, Tom is an accomplished boulderer, and consistently climbs bouldering problems as hard as V12 along with numerous 5.13’s outdoors with only 9 years of climbing under his belt. Tom has competed in numerous Tour de Bloc competitions and has been featured in several Gripped Magazine online articles throughout his climbing career. Tom takes pride in coaching young athletes, fueling their passion for climbing and motivating strong work ethic to achieving their goals. He leads with the same passion and enthusiasm that fuels his own development as a climber and coach, for a lifelong journey in the sport.

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