Interested in taking your child's climbing to the next level? The Vanguards is the advanced extension of Aspire Climbing’s School of Hard Rock. This is a special group of young climbers in search of new challenges and further skills development. They are a special group of individuals, that demonstrate exceptional climbing talent and work ethic. They are motivated, with the desire to improve and achieve their best. Be it for competition or for personal development, the Vanguards benefit from smaller class ratios with specialized technical skills training and individualized coaching. Candidates are accepted into the program through invitation or try-outs. Our coaches will provide thorough assessment to ensure positive team fit and coach-ability. In Vanguards, we foster the commitment and values for aspiring Vanguard Elites and Team Aspire Climbing athletes.  


We value commitment, strong work-ethic and sportsmanship. Through the support and friendships developed in a team structure, the Vanguards must value teamwork,  support and encouragement for one another. Climbing is fun. And although the Vanguards are invested in personal training and development, they are a team of individuals inspired by one another. Climbing is an individual sport. But isolated development leads to an imbalanced approach in climbing, and later in life. We foster team dynamics with individualized development for each athlete. Although lessons are structured to provide a foundational platform, each individual will have a different approach to learning and acquiring new skills. Our coaches provide specialized training towards each athlete to provide a firm acquisition of skills and techniques. 


Minimum Skills Requirements
  • Ability to climb 5.10- with the ability to rest/recover/chalk on route without assistance from the rope

  • Ability to climb Blue level boulder problems successfully with control

  • A natural sense of balance while climbing to adjust body position as needed to maintain control

  • A base level of movement that allows for active engagement of the core for stability, momemtum and power


Minimum Gear Requirements
  • Proper fitting climbing shoes

  • Harness

  • Chalk bag



The program is split into 3 seasons; Winter, Spring and Fall. Our coaches will provide Progression Trackers for each athlete at the middle and end of each season. These are check-points to review accomplishments and areas for growth and further development. 


2 classes per week, 2 hours per class

Spring 2020 Season (12 Weeks)


Wednesday, April 8th, 2020 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm


Classes begin the week of April 15th



Mondays - 6pm to 8pm

Wednesdays - 6pm to 8pm




Thursdays - 6pm to 8pm

Saturdays - 4pm to 6pm

Spring 2020 Try-Outs 

April 8th, 2020

6:30pm to 8:30pm



My daughter is really happy to be part of the Vanguards team.  I've seen a huge improvement in her climbing ability and how happy she is.  The terminology she is using and the techniques she is learning are great. She knows she there is a long way to go to be really competitive, but she is very eager to develop!

~  Vanguards Parent

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