Vanguards Elite is a select group of athletes, coming up from the ranks of our Vanguards program and beyond. This program develops climbing athletes with specialized coaching for the preparation of competitions in bouldering and route events in Ontario.

Climbing competitions are a great way for young athletes to grow and develop physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s a culmination of all their training and preparation to have fun competing against other local climbers in their own age category. Competitions are healthy measurement of progression but they can be intimidating and sometimes intense. It involves aspects of individual preparation such as strategy, energy conservation, nutrition along with physical and technical conditioning as well as the mental preparation of success or failure. All of these factors and more are what make climbing competition so dynamic and fun! These are important life skills for kids that are transferable in their every lives; at home and at school.

The Vanguards Elite is designed to build these skills in new athletes. A small ratio of 1:4 - coach to athlete - ensures individualized coaching in a team setting. This program is the next step beyond Vanguards and the farm team so to speak for Team Aspire. Vanguard Elite athletes who qualify for Provincials, even National Championships may earn a spot to Team Aspire.

Vanguards Elite training coincides with Team Aspire Climbing training times. Training is performed separately with dedicated coaches for each program. 


9 month training program beginning the week of Sept 11, 2018

6 hours per week 

(option available for 9hrs per week)

+ coaching competition hours


Training days & times

Wednesdays: 6pm to 9pm

Fridays: 6pm to 9pm (optional)

Sundays: 4pm to 7pm



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